Pearl Harbor Warriors – DVD


The moving story of American Sgt. Richard Fiske and Japanese Lt. Zenji Abe — hatred becomes friendship 50 years after the attack.

Product Description

In Pearl Harbor Warriors, eleven-year-old Jennifer receives a jewelry box from her grandmother. In it is a mysterious pin that looks very old. It is a “Remember Pearl Harbor” pin, but there is a real pearl instead of the word “Pearl.”

In an exchange of letters with her grandmother, Jennifer learns the story of the pin. She also learns that at one time, the phrase “Remember Pearl Harbor” united Americans together to hate the Japanese. Not before, nor since, have the American people been so focused.

One American Marine, Sgt. Richard Fiske, hated the Japanese so intensely that he saw the face of a Japanese pilot nightly in his dreams. Finally, he became so ill that he was hospitalized with a series of operations. At that point, his surgeon helped him realize that his hatred was poisoning his entire body.

Richard Fiske found a way to overcome his hatred, by turning it into friendship for those whom he had hated so fiercely. And one of those friendships, his former Japanese enemy, Lt. Zenji Abe, was truly special, because Abe returned that same warm friendship, and they became an example to many in both America and Japan.

This moving story is now an award-winning DVD, honored by the American Library Association as a “Notable DVD for 2007.”


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