Pearl Harbor Child – Book


Pearl Harbor Child is an accurate, graphic book (and DVD) with marvelous photographs depicting Hawaii on December 7, 1941 and years after. Thank you, Dorinda, for this beautiful, historic book.”
Patsy Mink, U.S. Congress, Hawaii

Product Description

This is the first civilian eyewitness account of the attack as seen through the eyes of a child. Pearl Harbor Child is a child’s story, but not just for children. It is a voice from WWII that has not been heard elsewhere. The voice is that of an American child who tells what she saw, how it felt, what happened on that day and through the balance of what became World War II.

After the attack, Dorinda describes the years that followed, as she experienced martial law, rationing, blackouts, air raid drills, victory gardens, curfews, censorship, and much more. She includes stories from other eyewitness survivors, both civilian and military. She fondly recalls her dog, “Hula Girl,” and what happened when Hula Girl disappeared during the bombing.

There are many books about the Pearl Harbor attack, but virtually all of them are written from a military viewpoint, by men. Pearl Harbor Child is the only book that tells the story from a civilian point of view, written by a Hawaiian woman, through the eyes of a child.


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