Pearl Harbor Child – DVD


Dorinda shows a Hawaii 5th grade class where she watched the Pearl Harbor attack take place. They all sit on an old dock as she describes where the planes came from and what she saw. The DVD involves the class and shows archival images of history that took place right where the class members are seated. Also included are interviews with actual survivors both civilian and military.

Product Description

On December 7, 1941, Dorinda was six years old, living with her parents on the Pearl City Peninsula inside Pearl Harbor.

Dorinda and her father stood in her front yard as the Japanese torpedo bombers flew over her home on their way to attack the U.S. ships which were only a few hundred yards away. Some of their pilots were flying so low, just above the treetops, that she could see the goggles that covered their eyes.

Many years later, she realized that she was an eyewitness to an event that literally changed the world. Today, after more than 70 years, her book, Pearl Harbor Child, is still the only account of the attack written by a woman through the eyes of a child.

And now, her amazing story, and stories of others who survived the attack, both civilians and servicemen, is captured with action and sound on her Pearl Harbor Child DVD.

Dorinda takes students down to the dock where she played as a child, and shares her experiences during and after the attack. Also included is the famous  “Roses Ceremony” at the USS Arizona Memorial.


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