Special Friend, Marine Sgt. Richard Fiske

Richard Fiske and his former enemy, Zenji Abe, at the 60th anniversary of the attack

Richard’s bugle and two red roses, which he took monthly to the Arizona Memorial and “sounded” taps for more than 10 years.

Standing proudly at the USS Arizona memorial wall, Richard Fiske plays his bugle, honoring those who died in the attack.

Special Friend, Lt. Zenji Abe

Lt. Zenji Abe, Japanese bomber pilot, with his former enemy, Sgt. Richard Fiske, from the cover of my Pearl Harbor Warriors book.

Zenji Abe with his plane on the deck of the Japanese aircraft carrier, Akagi.

Zenji Abe pats the “Pearl Harbor Warriors” book when seeing it for the first time at his home in Japan.

Special Friend, Pharmacist mate Lee Soucy

Lee Soucy, as he looked in 1941, with his ship, the USS Utah, in the distance.

Above: Lee gave me a big hug each time we saw each other.

Until his recent death, Lee returned to Pearl Harbor often, taking part and sharing his story with visitors, often standing here with his sunken ship close by.

Special Friend,Thompson Izawa

Thompson Izawa, a Japanese-American neighbor who lived near my family on the Pearl City Peninsula across from Ford Island.

Thompson and his father were fishing in Pearl Harbor when the first Japanese planes bombed the USS Utah directly in front of them.

Note: the rest of Thompson’s story, with other survivor stories, is featured in my Pearl Harbor Child book